Entrepreneurial Thinking

Vinci Da Vinci was born from the passion that Gian Domenico and Simonetta have for fashion and for animals, in particular for horses. Thanks to their several experiences in the business of sporty and casual clothing, they had the technical knowledge that it takes to create high-quality products for athletes. Therefore, they started to collaborate towards the production of fine clothes, that allow riders to fully enjoy their rides and, at the same time, their look. 

The Amazon Simonetta, who is always looking for the right outfit, decided to entrust herself and started to project the creation of a clothing line that could fulfil her needs.

Vinci DA Vinci was born in 2017 for friends and colleagues and has grown up fast. Now it is a real Sortoni’s brand, thanks to the entrepreneurial knowledge of Gian Domenico.

After a detailed analysis of technical fabrics, 3 models of trousers were hypothesized, that could provide support to riders in different climatic situations. The essential characteristics of all Vinci DA Vinci’s models are comfort, wellness and a fresh and modern style.

As time goes by, thanks to the several positive feedbacks, the Vinci DA Vinci's Staff decided to broaden its horizons with the production of shirts, polo and also tailor-made jackets, giving riders the chance to complete their look.

The constant research of innovative and high-performance materials raises the will to introduce new products related to horseriding and fuel the brand’s growth.

Business History

March 19th, 2008 is the start date of the collaboration between the two friends, who had been working for years in the fashion industry: Gian Domenico, an artisan with 30-years-old experience and his own fashion line, also known as 'tailor' for his tailor-made production, and Simonetta, model-maker, designer and bearer of several collaborations with well-known apparel companies.

Together they decided to share a common career path, constantly and courageously setting newer and more ambitious goals. In a very short time, they moved from small numbers to big projects, facilitated by old and new contacts that became significant collaborations.One of the most important collaborations has been settled with a big, well-known company in the Golf clothing sector, which was fundamental for the realisation of the following projects, as it enabled the two colleagues to come closer to the world of high-performing technical fabrics. It was a vital step for them, as it deepened their knowledge in the production of clothes for horseriding.

The Vinci DA Vinci brand was launched in 2017, so the journey of Gian Domenico and Simonetta began.

Paragraph's title

Sometimes the unexpected meetings produce big ideas and projects“ ... let's always take the opportunities!